Bandicam for Mac – How to Use BandiCam for Recording Your Screen

Recording computer or laptop screen is an important task for many programmers, gamers, educational experts, etc as it helps them to keep a video track of what they have done. Or it can be used to record some video for people according to interest like Educational Videos, Gaming Videos, Hacking Videos, etc. BandiCam is the best app available for recording as well as capturing your computer or laptop screen.

But, unfortunately, we would like to tell you that BandiCAM For MAC is not available. However, mac users can go for its best alternatives for recording and capturing their screens. BandiCam is only a windows product and can only be used on Windows, if you wish to proceed to find an alternative to BandiCAM For MAC then you must buy Movavi Screen Recorder as its the best alternative available for BandiCam For MAC Users.

Features Of BandiCam For MAC:

The only best alternative for BandiCam is Movavi Screen Recorder. This is the only app available for MAC users which allow them to record videos and capture screenshots. Movavi Screen Recorder can be used to create videos while playing games, writing and documentary or while video chatting online. The best is that this alternative of BandiCam supports more video formats than that of BandiCam. Therefore, there won't be any glitches while recording, playing and sharing your self-made videos.

How-To Use BandiCam For MAC For Recording Your Screen

It's very easy to use and understand the functioning of Movavi Screen Recorder. You may follow the guide given below to start with Movavi Screen Recorder.

First, you will need to download the software. Either you can download the software from Movavis official website or you may click here for instant download from a mirror site.

After the download finishes, you will need to install the software. Once installed you may open the app to start using it.

You will need to select the settings for capturing your screen. It will ask you to set a Capture Area and the recording source for the video. After you select both of them then you may proceed to start recording your screen.

After you finish recording your video. To download and share it you will need to click on SAVE Export to download/save the video on your mac. Once downloaded and saved, you can share your video on social media, for example, it may be facebook, twitter, google plus, and so on.


Till the time, best alternative of BandiCam For PC to record and edit videos on your mac is Movavi Screen Recorder. If you liked this perfect alternative then you may proceed for buying the same. You can buy this software here. But before you proceed for buying it you would love to have a trial version of the same. The trial version can be found on the same page where you will be going to buy it.